dorothea krishnabhakdi Lore Lore is the art project work of Dorothea Krishnabhakdi and Stefan Loehr in the field of media-based environments. We develop and produce audiovisual pieces, (interactive) installations and sound sculptures, programming the appropriate software and integrating suitable technologies. In addition, Lore cooperates with other artists and educational institutions to implement installation works in venues other than the usual art spaces - such as in public spaces.

Dorothea Krishnabhakdi (born 1972) studied jazzsaxophone and graduated at the Conservatory Utrecht(Netherlands). For several years she lived in Amsterdam where she played with many international musicians and bands from Afrika, Japan, Poland, Belgium etc.
In summer 2004 Dorothea returned to Berlin where she started to spend more time working with her laptop creating sound in a more experimental way.

Stefan Loehr (born 1971) has lived in Berlin since the early 1990's. He began his studies in philosophy and musicology but then moved into the field of computermusic and audioprogramming (attending seminars by Trevor Wishart, Stephen T. Pope, Andre Bartetzki, David Behrman and Hans Tutschku at the electronic studio of the TU-Berlin).
He works as a sounddesigner and software developer in the field of experimental audiodesign interested especially in multichannel soundinstallations and realtime multichannel audiosoftware.
stefan löhr